Therapy Services

Rehabilitation Services

Our experienced rehabilitation team is committed to providing outstanding results and excellent quality of care. Patients are empowered through individualized programs to reach goals of increased independence and ability.

For our residents, families are also encouraged to participate in therapy sessions, caregiver education, and training.

The therapists and services described below can be made available regardless of the length of stay. In other words, if a person needs only short-term rehab before being able to return home, we are available for and have a proven track record of success in such situations. A common scenario is when the hospital wants to discharge someone to a rehab hospital or extended care facility for additional therapy before going home. In most cases we are able to provide the necessary rehab locally in Rayne, which can save local families from the unnecessary stress, cost and inconvenience of a prolonged out of town hospital stay.

Nurse and patient

Occupational Therapy


Our occupational therapists specialize and utilize coordinated exercises in treating our residents whose capacities of day to day exercises and freedom have been disabled by advanced aging, disease process, and trauma.

Occupational therapy helps our residents in adjusting to their social and physical condition by conquering duties fundamental for day to day living. Our team of occupational therapists works closely with residents who have declining conditions, such as, joint pain, a decrease in capabilities and those who experience issues bathing, dressing, and daily tasks. They additionally help with impaired vision as well as hearing to perform well in their everyday lives.

The scope of treatment may include:

  • High functional freedoms of ADL: eating, washing, toileting, homemaking, cooking, and so on.
  • Prevent further physical decline: dressing and preparing
  • Aversion of further incapacity: home appraisals and alterations, versatile gear
  • Attention to safety
Nurse with patient
physical therapy session

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists dedicate themselves to providing residents the greatest amount of independent living. The therapy department focuses on identifying and aiding in the recovery of people with physical limitations and pain, as well as preventing future injury. Our physical therapy team will evaluate and build a specialized treatment program specifically for each resident. The objective is to attain the residents highest level of function.

The scope of treatment may include but not limited to:

  • Increase quality and versatility in the body and lower extremities to enhance useful freedom
  • Increase motor control for the resident
  • Enhance coordination and strength
  • Boost general strength, the scope of movement and perseverance
  • Help manage pain
  • Educate on proper body mechanics
  • Awareness of safety
speech therapy session

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists perform an array of tasks to evaluate and help reestablish capacities in the regions of communications, cognitive level and swallowing. Treatment programs are developed to assist our residents affected by CVA, brain damage and other neurological issues. Our therapists also work with residents affected by hearing impairment, respiratory diseases, and/or other complex medical conditions.

Parts of a treatment’s concentration may include:

  • Enhancing discourse and voice clearness
  • Expanding understanding and verbal articulation
  • Enhancing chewing and swallowing capacity
  • Maximize their cognitive language including reasoning, recognition and critical thinking,
  • Education of resident and family/parental figures

Outpatient Therapy Services

Our experienced and knowledgeable Physical and Occupational Therapists can evaluate and treat:

  • Orthopedic injuries

  • Neck/back pain

  • Chronic pain

  • Arthritis

  • Muscle/ Joint pain

  • Auto accident injuries

  • Work injuries 

  • Edema Control

  • Balance Disorders

  • Movement Disorders

  • Pelvic Floor Therapy for the treatment of urinary incontinence and urgency, constipation, pelvic organ prolapsed, pre- and post-partum pain/ weakness, and pelvic, hip and back pain

Our therapists are also certified LSVT-Big providers.  What is LSVT-Big? 

LSVT-Big is a research-proven exercise program which consists of repetitive, exaggerated movements that can help to counteract the slow movement that is one of the main motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.  LSVT-Big therapy can also benefit anyone whose motor function has been affected by conditions such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome.  LSVT-Big promotes strength, motor learning and changes in brain function.  Patients using LSVT-Big have shown impressive progress including faster walking with bigger steps, improved balance and increased trunk rotation.

We are also proud to offer Outpatient Speech Therapy services to both adult and pediatric clients.  Our on-site Speech-Language Pathologists treat adults and children diagnosed with communication disorders (both speech and language), swallowing/ feeding difficulties, and problems with memory/ cognition.  Our therapists are certified AmpCare NMES providers, using the latest, state-of-the-art electrical stimulation modalities for the treatment of swallowing disorders.


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