Dietary Services

At The Ellington, our goal is to provide you with fresh, nutritious home-cooked meals every day and give a choice in the meals you receive, making your stay with us as enjoyable as possible.

Meals are planned by our Registered Dietitian and include a variety of foods to meet the requirements for proper nutrition. Our Registered Dietitian plans our three daily meals, so you are assured proper nutrition and a balanced diet.

We understand that you may have a special dietary need. Our dietary staff is trained to prepare any special physician-ordered meal.

Meals are served in the comfortable dinning room, allowing for socializing with others while enjoying your meal! Our cooks prepare a wide variety of foods that appeal to many tastes and keep true to Louisiana home cooking along with authentic Cajun recipes.

We offer a chef special everyday along with a bistro dining menu with multiple selection menu, which is available all day long.

Patient with dietary consultant

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