The Joy Theater

The “Joy Theater” provides a comfortable throwback to days gone by where residents enjoy movies where the smell and taste of popcorn fills the air. Relax in huge leather seating while allowing the great surround sound speakers to engulf you real life sounds of the movie.

Games table

The design of our living areas allows for gatherings and quiet board games.

Salon in the Ellington

A beautiful, modern beauty salon that provides manicures to help our residents look and feel their very best.

Common areas

A large, specially designed activity area produces an exciting and enjoyable space that appeal to the interest of our residents.

Hallway with seating

WiFi access for residents who have interest in connectivity.

Chapel in the Ellington

Our chapel allows residents to find comfort in the tranquility of its peaceful design.

Rocking chairs on the porch

The many porches throughout the facility create shady gathering areas or relaxing times outdoors.

Whirlpool baths

Our whirlpool areas resemble a spa like atmosphere where our residents enjoy the therapeutic massage of huge jetted tubs while watching their favorite television programs or music of their choice.

Ellington bedroom

At The Ellington you will find spacious private and semi-private rooms which include its own bathroom. They are individually climate-controlled for each resident’s maximum comfort. Every semi-private room comes with a wet bar including a refrigerator and sink. All rooms are furnished with televisions that include premium cable channels.

Leave the washing and cleaning to us. Our laundry and housekeeping services take pride in keeping and maintaining a clean, fresh, hygienic environment.

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